Zero Time



 Ahem, ahem… Oh, eternal misery and sadness of existence, angst and pain and suffering in general, how terrible life is and how unlucky I am, woe is me, woe is me, there is naught but suffering in my life, how fortunate are the dead to have been freed from the chains of suffering that are tied to being alive! Uh, you’ve realized? I thought the fact there’s only words would fool you, but I guess you’re too sharp. But I kinda sounded like him, didn’t I? I never really read his mind, but I can tell he’s always crying inside that brain box of his. This one time, the story will be told by no one other than the fallen angel mentioned in the title, Fannel the Radiant!

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Solitude. What is it to be alone? When you feel lonely, when you are by yourself? When no one understands you? When you’re left behind, when you’re not cared about, when you’re not under the spotlights? You can’t grasp the precise definition, what exactly gets you into that helpless state… But loneliness is really good at holding onto you, isn’t it? Like a scar that randomly opens all over again. A terrible and awful curse many of us shoulder.

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doing this since i was asked to (but im not tagging anyone because im that kind of guy)

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last post in a while

my happiness knows no bounds

know what ill just disappear until im not mad at everything anymore

so clay terran is ace attorneys komaeda amazing

and it extends to infinity, this is the reality of my dash i must scroll for a year to see an actual post

word goes that at some point of everyones lives they die, but i dont know, that sounds kinda farfetched. i mean, everyone? 100% chance of happening? very very unlikely

who even allowed such a cute character

who even allowed such a cute character

like its really terrible but hitomi and akihito are a bit funny sometimes